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  • Combo Offer CA final Law Regular & Audit Fast-Track Old Course
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  • Price : 15000 12500
  • 14000 16000 2000 OFF
    views: 3

    Duration: Law : 80 Hours (Approx) & Audit : 45 Hours

    Validity: Law : 1 Year 7 Audit : 6 Months

    12500 15000 2500 OFF
    views: 3

    Duration: Law : 80 Hours (Approx) & Audit : 45 Hours

    Validity: Law : 1 Year 7 Audit : 6 Months

    ₹ 15000
Professor Name CA Sanidhya Saraf
Subject Name Combo Offer CA final Law Regular & Audit Fast-Track Old Course
Course Level CA Final Old Course
Exam For Nov 19
Package Pen Drive & Book
Video Language Hindi & English Mix
Study Material Language English
Delivery Period With in 7 working days
System Requirement Windows 7 & above and 2 GB RAM
Runs On Laptop, Window
Batch Type Regular & Fast-Track
Validity Starts From From the day of activation of classes
Dispatch Time 1-2 Days
Dispatched by Audit Saga
Number of Lecture Law 119 & Audit 95
Syllabus Coverage Full
Amendment Yes
Faculty Support Yes
Lecture Recorded latest
Fast Forward Option 1.6x
Books Provided Yes
Other Information Audit fast track consist of concept book and MCQ ( initially PDF and then hard copy will also be available too)-- Despatch information: First dispatch - immediately. Company law and IBC classes ( 70 marks). Ie content worth 70 Mark's shall be available immediately. shall be provided by way of Google drive link and soft copy of topics. Physical books will be dispatched by 3rd July. However only the concept book shall be dispatched initially. The question bank and mcq book shall be dispatched by 15th July.
Number of Lecture
Views Extension
Internet Connectivity Yes


1. Exam oriented approach with practical linkage.

2. Coverage of full syllabus 40 hours with conceptual clarity.

3. Great empasis will be put on interlinking skills.

4. Combination of memory techniques and conceptual learning will be used for better results.

5. Exam oriented book to be provided with video classes.

6. Intensive focus on presentation and writing skills.

7. Revisionary voice clips will be provided to facilitate past revision.

8. Faculty support till exams. 





Lecture Coverage:-

1. MTP

2. RTP

3. PM

4. Past Exam Questions

5. Amendments and MCQs will be covered.

6. Multi color concept book and comprehensive question bank also featuring mcq’s shall be provided with pendrive.

7. Regular batch

8. Duration- 90 Hours

9. Validity- 1 year

10. Dispatch Information

- First dispatch- immediately available.  Google drive link of company audit, caro and  code of ethics will immediately be provided via google drive link along with physical copies of concept book and question bank.

- Second dispatch-  standards of auditing classes will be provided by 30th June via Google drive. 

- Third dispatch - Different types of audit classes shall be available by 15th July .

- Entire PM has been solved in the lectures.  However additional questions for practice will be provided by 25th July

1.  CA Sanidhya Saraf, is a renowned faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(WIRC) and conducts classes across Mumbai, is also  a visiting faculty at New Delhi, Rajasthan and Assam .

2.  He has been associated with SNB , one of the biggest internal audit firms of the country.

3.  He was the third highest scorer in Delhi University in Audit.

4. He is known for his student friendly attitude  and for helping students till the last moment .

5.  He is also known for his ability to deliver good quality content in less time and has also helped many students overcome the fear of auditing and clear there exams.

6. He has also developed the concept of voice clips which enables student to revise entire syllabus in few hours.

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