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Unscheduled Test Series

1. Quality Evaluation as per ICAI parameter.

2. Evaluation of each and every paper will be done.

3. Speedy evaluation with in 4 working days.

4. 8 Chapterwise and 2 Full Syllabus Test for each subject.

5. 100 marks MCQs test complimentary for AUDIT,LAW,ISCA,DT,IDT.

6. Last date of submission of test is 31 OCTOBER.

7.Suggested answers will be provided.

8. Question paper and evaluated sheet will be provided on dashboard of registered student.

9.Consolidated result will also be provided on dashboard.

10.Registered Students shall take picture of their answersheet and convert it into PDF and upload on dashboard.

11.Registered students can access Test Papers on their dashboard from 1 AUGUST  by login on website.

12. Fees shall be non refundable/non transferable.

13.Validity of test series till 31st OCTOBER,validity of subscription shall not be extended in any case.

14.Fees Structure-  Single Group- 3500/-   Both Group- 6500/-   single subject- 1000/-

15.Full Syllabus Test Series includes 2 Test papers of 100 Marks each and 1 MCQs Test of 100 marks for (Audit,Law,Isca,Dt,Idt) only.

16.Test paper shall be available from 1 AUGUST.

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